Wisconsin Trail Pass

Beginning July 1 2015, all snowmobiles operating on public trails in Wisconsin must display a trail pass. This is separate from the registration sticker. Registration stickers are now good for three years. The trail pass sticker must be purchased annually.

Registration Sticker
This is the registration sticker that goes on both sides of your snowmobile hood.
Trail Pass Sticker
This is the Trail Pass sticker that goes on your windshield.

If you are a Wisconsin resident and a member of a snowmobile club that is part of the AWSC, then you can get a discounted trail pass for only $10. For Wisconsin residents that are not a member of an AWSC snowmobile club, the cost is $30. For non-residents, the cost is $50. The trail pass sticker is to be mounted to the bottom center portion of the windshield.

Please consider joining our club so you can get a discounted trail pass! Once you are a member of the Belleville Sno Cats, you can purchase your discounted trail pass online!